OPP Operation


The Board is comprised of 9 members, whereby the President and 3 members are executive members (full time paid position and a part-time paid positions, respectively).

Admissions Committee (Comissão Técnica de Admissão - CTA)

The CTA assessed approximately 19.000 files and issued their decision on all of them over the course of a total of 865 hours’ work. 

Internship Committee (Comissão de Estágios)

The Internship Committee was appointed in December 2010, when it held its first meeting and established the first foundations of its work. 

Assembly of Representatives (Assembleia de Representantes - AR)

As a result of the meetings of the Assembly of Representatives, which is comprised of 50 Psychologists (non-remunerated), the following documents/resolutions.

Judicial Committee (Conselho Jurisdicional - CJ)

The CJ, which is comprised of 5 Psychologists (non-remunerated) and a lawyer, meets regularly to analyse cases and in hearings regarding psychologists. As a result of its work, dozens of notices with regard to these cases have been sent.