Ordem dos Psicólogos

Alteration to the OPP Registration System


With the publication of the Regulation for Professional Internships the transition phase has ended in the OPP registration process. In this new phase, the OPP has made a series of adjustments to the process with a view to simplifying the procedure and adapting it to the operation of the OPP's Professional Internships.

Therefore, the "Professional Recognition" transitional registration category has been abolished. The "Trainee Member" registration category now has three different options. In addition to registering to undertake the OPP Professional Internship, the applicant for trainee membership may also request the recognition of a professional internship that has already been undertaken or the recognition of other professional experience acquired.

Both recognition options apply to the period of time between the entrance into force of Law nº 57/2008 and the publication of the Regulation for Professional Internships of the OPP. Recognition shall be exclusively granted upon presentation of the professional internship contract, employment contract or contract for the provision of services.

After approval has been granted, the "Trainee Member" must fulfill the remaining requirements listed in the Regulation for Professional Internships in order to request the transition to "Full Member".