Ordem dos Psicólogos

Voluntary work in Psychology and the recognition of professional experience


Acceptance of volunteer work in Psychology as professional experience for application for full registration with the OPP
Over the last few months, the Board of the Ordem dos Psicólogos Portugueses (OPP) has strived to overcome the legal constraints preventing voluntary work in Psychology to be deemed professional experience, for application purposes for full registration with the OPP, which would not require the professional internship to be undertaken.
We are now able to announce the success of all the hard work, thus, applicants shall see their volunteer work in psychology recognised as professional experience, pursuant to Law nº 57/2008, which creates the Ordem dos Psicólogos.
With the aim of facilitating the assessment of voluntary experience, applicants should send a declaration, issued on the headed paper of the institution which provided the voluntary work, which must be signed and clearly indicate the person responsible, as well as the contact details for the institution. It is essential for the start and end dates of the volunteer work to be indicated, as well as the weekly timetable and the duties undertaken as a psychologist.
For this purpose, the following Declaration Template is available.