Ordem dos Psicólogos

Irregularities in PEPAC selection process


The Ordem dos Psicólogos Portugueses is extremely unhappy at the list of candidatures selected for the vacancies for Psychology for the 1st Edition of the Professional Internship Programme in central Government, which is displayed on the website of the Bolsa de Emprego Público, where there is high number of the candidates listed who are not registered with the Order.
We would like to underline that pursuant to Law nº 57/2008, of the 4th September and Regulation nº 505/2009, registration is mandatory and a person cannot use the title of psychologist or trainee psychologist if they are not registered as such with the Order. Therefore, the above mentioned candidates cannot practice as psychologists or undertake the professional internship because they are in an irregular situation.
We would like to clarify that the promoting body of the programme - the General-Directorate for Public Administration and Employment - was duly notified in advance of the requirements that each candidate had to fulfill in order to undertake a professional internship in Psychology, and must now rectify the situation, to safeguard the interests of the professionals registered with the Order who are fully exercising their rights as members.