Ordem dos Psicólogos

Acceptance in the Order and on electoral registers


Due to the fact that there has been some confusion regarding the acceptance process into the Order and the inclusion onto the electoral register, we hereby clarify:
- The electoral registers only list full members who have been approved to have electoral capacity on the date the lists are published;
- The electoral registers should not be confused with acceptance into the Order, given that for several reasons (late delivery of documentation, incomplete details, etc), the application may have been accepted by the Order, but cannot be included on the electoral registers for the first elections to be held;
- Due to the fact that there are two separate applications (acceptance into the Order and inclusion in the electoral registers for the first elections), you should await the decision on your application, and for the temporary professional certificate to be sent to the address that you indicated;
- You can check on the status of your application in your personal area on the Order's website.
- Given that stated above, if a name is absent from the electoral register, it does not mean that that the application for registration with the Order has been refused.