Ordem dos Psicólogos

Use of the Order's Services


The Ordem dos Psicólogos would like to request that a more careful and selective use of its means of communication be made, with the aim of improving the response to calls. The Order receives over 100 telephone calls a day, 80% of which are to clarify queries which are answered on this website. This situation causes severe disruption to the access to the Orders telephone lines for clarifying other queries. The Order receives over 400 e-mails a day (with queries, comments and requests for information). Once again, we would like to draw attention to the fact that the answers to the majority of these queries can be found here. Most organisations have limited resources and those of the Ordem dos Psicólogos' are even more limited, due to it still being in its infancy. The Order's resources are your resources. Use them responsibly so that we can provide a better service.