Ordem dos Psicólogos

Payments, Refunds and Fees.


Due to the many queries that continue to arise with regard to the above mentioned subject, the Order hereby clarifies, by paraphrasing the information contained in the FAQ on this website, that:
1. The amount of 180 Euros for registration was set by the Foundation Committee, within the scope of its duties and by taking into account the amount of other Order's as reference, the specific professional situation of Psychologists and the need for resources for the establishment and operation of the Order (in this regard it must be mentioned that the Order relies solely on these funds for its operation and the payment of all related expenses, with the exception of the means initially made available by APOP, in part still at the Order's disposal);
2. In the event that registration with the Order is refused, the amount now paid to that effect (180 Euros or 130 Euros depending on the situation in question), shall be reimbursed;
3. The fees to be paid by members of the Order are established by the Assembly of Representatives, when elected (by Psychologists who are now full members), pursuant to the provisions laid down in Law. This is not a decision by the Foundation Committee, and results directly from the Law that created the Ordem dos Psicólogos, as the Foundation Committee is prohibited from making any decisions on this matter;