Ordem dos Psicólogos

OPP Draft Disciplinary Regulation for Public Review


Following the work performed for the Code of Ethics of the Order of Psychologists (Ordem dos Psicólogos) and the legal compliance of Article 32 e) and Article 67 (1) of Law No. 57/2008, Regulation No. 257/2011 – the Draft Disciplinary Regulation for the Order of Psychologists (Ordem dos Psicólogos) was published in the Diário da República on the 20th April.

This regulation encourages the compliance with the Code of Ethics by all Psychology professionals, and lays down the rules which subject psychologists to investigation and punishment for non-compliance.  The document also lists the five phases of an investigation, from the start until the final decision by the Judicial Committee. The draft for public review can be viewed here.