Ordem dos Psicólogos

New website online for the Order of Psychologists (Ordem dos Psicólogos)


The new website for the Order of Psychologists (Ordem dos Psicólogos) is now online.

It features more menus containing more information and details, with a more intuitive and efficient layout. You will find some new features, particularly in terms of information, namely the percentages achieved in the proposed measures in the Programme which won the 2010-2013 elections. It is an essential barometer which shows the Order’s progress in activities in a wide range of areas and contexts.

The role of the Order of Psychologists (Ordem dos Psicólogos) in society and its contribution to it is a reflection of the representation of this institution in several bodies and councils. Listed on the website are the names of the bodies in which the OPP has a seat.

One of the areas that has improved for the public in the website’s new format has been the creation of the User Support section. Here you can find a list of questions and answers, aimed at the users of services related to Psychology, which are essential for those needing general information about psychologists and their professional practice. It is a section which is constantly updated and can be accessed by the general public.

Another important feature is the Training section, which now contains all the information regarding the Order’s courses in just one place. You can currently view all the courses that have taken place and those scheduled, which are temporarily just for trainee members.