Ordem dos Psicólogos

Eu sinto.me: Website about Mental Health and Wellness


We launch on 7 April, in World Health Day, a portal providing information and resources about Psychological Health and Wellness, based on scientific evidence. It is aimed at teenagers, adults or the elderly; to parents and caregivers, students, teachers and educators, health professionals (including Psychologists), decision makers and media. It is completely free, available every day and anytime. One of the innovations of this portal is ANA - a virtual assistant who can offer us useful information and resources that are appropriate to our needs. See more https://eusinto.me

Still in the theme of literacy in psychological health and wellness, we are working with several Municipalities, to increasing mental health literacy, strengthening community psychological resilience and promoting the adoption of healthy habits and lifestyles. You can see the result of one of the partnerships here.