Ordem dos Psicólogos

Health insurance reimburses Psychology sessions


Pursuant to negotiations currently underway between the Order of Psychologists (Ordem dos Psicólogos) and several institutions with a view to agreeing benefits for Members of the Order in a wide range of areas, the OPP is pleased to announce that on the 20th May a landmark agreement for Psychology in Portugal was signed between the OPP and Normed, on the subject of Health Insurance.

This Agreement is an important milestone for Psychology in Portugal due to the fact that contrary to the trend in this country regarding subsidies for Psychological therapy sessions, this Agreement enables members of the Order and their respective families to make appointments for Psychological therapy sessions without the need for any other prescription, there being no restriction to the number of appointments made. It is the first major step in promoting and recognising the importance of Psychological therapy sessions in terms of financial reimbursements by an Insurance company.  

With this agreement, members of the Order have three health insurance policy options, to be adapted to the specific needs of each member and which are extended to their immediate family, providing the latter is mentioned upon signing the contract.

The terms and conditions for subscription can be viewed here.