Ordem dos Psicólogos

OPP organises FIAP Conference


The Ordem dos Psicólogos Portugueses, under the auspices of the Iberoamerican Federation of Psychology Associations, shall host the IX Iberoamerican Psychology Conference, scheduled for July 2014. Following its acceptance as a representative member of Portugal in FIAP, the FIAP General Assembly gave its unanimous approval for the Conference to be held in Portugal in 2014.

The next FIAP Conference takes place in southern Brazil, in October 2012, and shall be organised by the Brazilian Psychological Society. The acceptance of the OPP into FIAP and the support given for the conference to be held in Portugal is an important milestone in the international recognition of the OPP.

This year's FIAP conference, which took place in Oviedo, from the 20-24th July, had over 1800 participants from several Ibero-American countries, and a strong delegation from Portugal.
(In the photo, Palácio de Congressos Príncipe Felipe, Oviedo)