Ordem dos Psicólogos

Telmo Baptista attended opening of the VII Conference


Telmo Baptista, President of the Ordem dos Psicólogos Portugueses, attended the opening of the VII Conference on PSYCHOLOGY IN PRIMARY CARE, which took place on the 19th May, organised by the Departamento de Formação Permanente do ISPA, Agrupamento de Centros de Saúde de Loures (ACES LOURES) and Associação Portuguesa de Psicólogos dos Cuidados de Saúde Primários (APPCSP).
During his speech, the President referred to the importance of the participation of psychologists in Primary Health Care, regretting that coverage is not yet comparable to the needs of those who have benefitted from psychological intervention.
The President underlined that the Order shall strive to demonstrate and strengthen the position of psychologists in various sectors.
He further highlighted the broad participation of professionals who have cooperated with the Order in indicating issues needing the intervention of the Ordem dos Psicólogos.