Ordem dos Psicólogos

Clarification regarding professional internships


The Ordem dos Psicólogos Portugueses has received a number of legitimate questions and concerns regarding the performance of professional internships pursuant to the law that created the Order and approved its statutes.
The mandatory nature of undertaking a professional internship is one of the great achievements of psychologists regarding professional qualification and entering the labour market. The internship, which is overseen by an experienced psychologist, is an opportunity, which unfortunately, many psychologists have not had access to.
The law now sets forth the obligation to undertake the internship within a defined period. The Foundation Committee does, however, undertake to recognise professional experience acquired in the meantime, both through internships and volunteer work, whether they have been remunerated or not, providing they were overseen by a supervisor. Thus, it has submitted an internship regulation to the Ministry of Health, which includes the possibility of recognising professional experience acquired, giving it partial equivalence, for the purpose of the required internship period. We are awaiting the approval of the Ministry of Health of the definite version of the internship regulation after which it shall be widely disseminated.
The Foundation Committee