Ordem dos Psicólogos

Qualification for Professors, SPO's and CNO's

Order meets with the Secretary of State for Primary and Secondary Education


The Secretary of State for Primary and Secondary Education, Professor Isabel Leite, guaranteed to the Ordem dos Psicólogos (OPP) that teachers would not be placed in the Psychology and Guidance Services.

The objective of this meeting was to analyse issues covered by the Ministry of Education and Science, namely the clarification of the possibility of placing teachers in the Psychology and Guidance Services, the issue related to the qualification of psychologists for teaching Psychology in Secondary Education, the organisation of the work of psychologists with children and youths with special educational needs and the obtaining of information of the situation of psychologists contracted in schools.

The Ordem dos Psicólogos Portugueses (OPP) expressed its concern regarding the possibility of placing teachers in the Psychology and Guidance Services (SPO), with the objective of carrying out "school guidance", arguing that guidance and vocational counselling are areas of intervention which require specialised training in Psychology. This opinion was also backed by specialists recognised in the area, in the national and international plans. The Secretary of State ensured that there was no intention from the Ministry of placing teachers in the Psychology and Guidance Services, nor that they would ensure the monitoring of students in the scope of Academic and Professional Guidance. She also advised that they are discussing the tenders for placing psychologists contracted under Decree-Law 152/12.

The OPP asked for a revision of Order 1189/10, regarding the housing for Psychology teachers in secondary education, defending that it should be separated from housing for teaching other subjects, with an alteration to the current contracting groups. The Secretary of State showed her concordance with the argument that specialised and suitable scientific training was needed to teach a subject in secondary education, and it was established that the OPP would, together with the universities, prepare a proposal for the adaptation of this order.

The OPP reinforced their availability to participate in the revision of the framework of the attributions of the psychologist in a school context, a process which should be associated with the number of presence and stabilisation of psychologists in school groups. It was also highlighted that it was important to fit in the various regimes in which psychologists provided services in schools so as to maximise the benefits generated by them in the school community. The Secretary of State also requested the support from the OPP in the revision of the framework and functions of the Centres for New Opportunities (CNO).