Ordem dos Psicólogos

Hearing with the Secretary for Education

The Ordem demands psychologists in the CPCT teams


After several OPP requests for a meeting, since October 2012, it was granted for February 7th, with the Secretary for Education, João Grancho.

In this hearing we mainly addressed the proposal of regulation that defines the foundation and the frame e operation models of the Centers for Professional Certification and Trainning (CPCT). In result, the board of the Ordem, with the contribuition of numerous psychologists, drew up a report that was later sent to the Professional Certification and Training Nacional Agency.
During this meeting with the Government's Representative and in the report sent on the 11 of February, the OPP vigorously expressed the opinion that it is imperative that the CPCT teams include psychologists, since the CPCT's attributions clearly enclose actions that are unequivocal psychological in nature – namely, psychological assessment and vocational guidance. So being, the report drawn by the OPP clarifies that “the general consensus categorizes three levels in this tipe of intervention: information, guidance and counseling, the last two being, particularly the last one, areas of psychological intervention”.
The OPP also expressed it's concern about the overlaping of CPCT's functions, located in schools, not only with the Guidance and Psychology Services but also with the work of other psychologists that are hired by schools to perform the same tasks. The Ordem dos Psicólogos advocated the necessity to alter the proposal of regulation so that “CPCT, which will be located in Public Grammar and High Schools, work only with the adult population, the GPS (Guidance and Psychology Services) maintaining the work with the youngsters”.
Still during the hearing of last February 7th with the Secretary for Education, the OPP questioned, once again, the qualifications for teaching and argued for the review of the psychologists's attributions in schools.