Ordem dos Psicólogos

President launches blog

The President's Reflections


A place to share ideas and reflections and give a more personal perspective of all the work done by the Ordem, and that is yet unknown.

According to Telmo Mourinho Baptista, President of the OPP, besides all the communication the Ordem has made through it's information channels (bulletin, newsletter, publications, site,social newtorks),) “it was necessary to create a wider space of though that allows a fruitfull exchange of ideas, that generates inovation in our way of approaching the issues e reflects the manner in which psychology and psychologists can make a stand”.

“To share my ideas and thoughts, to speak of the course of action that await us as professionals, in short to be able to give a more personal perspective of all the work we have done and that is yet unknown”, is the goal that Telmo Mourinho Baptista hopes to achieve with this place.