Ordem dos Psicólogos

President attends 1st Congress of the Portuguese Association of Fight Against Lung Cancer

“A bigger effort on promoting smoking cessation is needed”


This was one of the statements Telmo Mourinho Baptista made when attending the opening session of the 1st Congress of the Portuguese Association of Fight Against Lung Cancer (PULMONALE). This opening session was presided by the undersecretary for Health, Dr. Fernando Leal da Costa.

When he intervened, Telmo Mourinho Baptista showed concern for the smoking problem and emphasized the importance of giving cancer pacients psychological treatment. The President also stated that such treatment should not occur only in extreme situations but in other stages as well such as prevention and rehabilitation.

Recognizing how dificult it is to count how many psychologists that are involved in this area, he stated that Psychology's contributions have been essencial, both in study and in intervention. He gave special emphasis to the relapse mechanisms, that should go along with the intervention, because of the difficulties people experience in changing the smoking behavior.

In the same meeting, Eduardo Carqueja, on behalf of the Ordem dos Psicólogos presented a paper on “Psychological support to the sick”.

The President declared the Ordem's willingness to cooperate with every organization that pursuits the goals of health promotion and proposed a collaboration between the Ordem and Pulmonale.