Ordem dos Psicólogos

In defence of the professional title of Psychologist


The Ordem dos Psicólogos has received concrete information of people practising psychology illegally, who do not possess the proper qualifications or have insufficient qualifications to practice the profession, and therefore do not hold a professional title.

To that end, and considering the mission set forth in Law nº 57/2008, of the 4th September, and the duties laid down in the Statute, the Order has decided that these situations shall be reported to the Public Prosecutor, to verify if the illegal practice of Psychology is taking place and criminal proceedings shall ensue.

Obviously, people who have not registered but whose registration process is pending due to a reason beyond their control shall not be included in this action. Also not included in this action are all psychologists whose registration is in the trainee category.

Therefore, the Order shall continue to develop all the measures necessary to protect the professional title and honour of the profession, pursuant to Law nº 57/2008 and the Statute.