Ordem dos Psicólogos

Registration/Membership - Clarification and Deadline


From midnight on the 16th February 2010, applications for registration with the order shall no longer include being eligible to be listed on the electoral registers which close on the 24th February 2010. Psychologists may continue to apply to register until the 16th March, but shall not be eligible to vote or be elected in the Order's first elections.
In this regard it is important to note the difference between registration and membership. Registration is the application for membership (performed online), and is the first step in the registration process. Membership is granted by approval by the Board (until now the Foundation Committee) of the Psychologist's application for registration. These are the definitions laid down in the Registration Regulation in force and in Law nº 57/2008.
Therefore, the deadline of the 15th February is for the Registration of Psychologists (for election purposes) and not the Application for Membership, which shall only terminate, for election purposes, on the 24th February.