3rd Edition of Psis21

PSIS21 – The Order's Magazine


The distribution, to the Members of the Order, of the 3rd edition of the Magazine PSIS21 , has already been concluded.

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Contributions of the Order

Ordem dos Psicólogos (OPP) and the Law of the Basis of Palliative Care


On the 24th of July, the new Law for the Basis of Palliative Care, which legitimates the field of intervention of Psychologists in the area of care provided, was voted on and approved in Parliament.

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15th of October 2012

Elections of the Regional Branches of the Ordem dos Psicólogos (OPP)


The elections for the Regional Bodies of the Order have been called.

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Ministry of Education prepares for the closing of the school and professional guidance services

OPP challenges the Ministry of Education for having teachers give vocational guidance


This intention is given in the teaching services distribution standards issues to teachers and takes place at the same time that the Ministry of Education has been informing contracted psychologists that they will not be placed in the next school year.

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OPP and the new psychological evaluation of drivers

OPP recognises entities for the psychological evaluation of drivers


With the new Decree Law No. 138/2012 of the 5th of July, it is explicit that the psychological evaluation of drivers can only be done by Psychologists and the entities designated by the IMTT to carry out the psychological tests must be recognised, for this purpose, by the Ordem dos Psicólogos (OPP).

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Students at risk of loosing school guidance

School and professional guidance in schools at risk


The position of the Ordem dos Psicólogos Portugueses (OPP) is that the Ministry of Education and Science cannot give tasks which require a specific qualification, in this case, a specific qualification in psychology, to unqualified professionals.

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