International Day For The Elimination of Violence Against Women


Statement on behalf of ECPA (European Community Psychologists Association) and EFPA.

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Portuguese Psychologists Association attends COP26 through the Global Psychology Alliance


The Global Psychology Alliance, coordinated by APA, originated in November 2019, following the International Summit on Psychology and Global Health: A Leader in Climate Action organized by the Portuguese Psychologists Association with APA, which took place in Lisbon.

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Eu Website about Mental Health and Wellness


We launch on 7 April, in World Health Day, a portal providing information and resources about Psychological Health and Wellness, based on scientific evidence. It is aimed at teenagers, adults or the elderly; to parents and caregivers, students, teachers and educators, health professionals (including Psychologists), decision makers and media. It is completely free, available every day and anytime. One of the innovations of this portal is ANA - a virtual assistant who can offer us useful information and resources that are appropriate to our needs. See more

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New Scientific Magazine


In March 2021, the first edition of the journal Psychology for Psychologists was published. This publication was created by the Psychology National Forum which is composed of 31 Higher Education Institutions of Psychology in Portugal and Portuguese Pshycologists Association.

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International Summit on Psychology and Global Health: A Leader in Climate Action


Click on "Read More" to access the resolution signed by the more than 40 Psychology associations present at the "International Summit on Psychology and Global Health: A Leader in Climate Action", co-organized by the Portuguese Psychological Association and the American Psychological Association.

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eBook OPP: "European Psychologists as a Resource to Face European Society Major Challenges"


The "Psychology Day at European Institutions" promoted by Portuguese Psychologists Association with the suport of Sofia Ribeiro (European Parliament Deputy) and he cabinet was more than a day and more than the conference in ebook related.

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